2024 Releases

Jun 2024

New Features and Enhancements

  • Free Text Processing: Integrated the Porter-Stemmer into the Hyperspace Analyzer to allow additional text processing capabilities.

API Updates

  • dslSearch() API: Updated the dslSearch() API for full compatibility with standard search API

  • updateDocument() API: Introduced new functionalities to the updateDocument() API.

Performance Improvements

  • Indexing Field _id: Removed the option to use arbitrary unique identifier field names. Only _id field will be supported for full compatibility with standard tools.

May 2024

New Features and Enhancements

  • Free Text Search: Implemented free text search functionality, allowing for more versatile and user-friendly search capabilities.

  • Dynamic Cardinality Group Decision: Introduced dynamic cardinality group (CG) decision-making, with the ability to dynamically select between indices for optimal performance.

Performance Improvements

  • New Hash Entry Implementation: Developed and implemented a new hash entry system to improve overall performance and efficiency.

April 2024

New Features and Enhancements

  • Support for Match All Queries: Added support for match_all queries, ensuring comprehensive query capabilities.

  • Update by Query: Added support for updating multiple documents by query, streamlining bulk update operations.

  • Terms Aggregation: Added support for terms aggregation along with comprehensive tests to ensure accuracy and reliability.

  • Exact Cardinality Aggregation: Implemented support for exact cardinality aggregation.

  • Global Document ID Mechanism: Developed and implemented a global document ID mechanism, standardizing document identification across the system.

  • Crash Recovery Solution: Launched the first release of a crash recovery solution, significantly improving system robustness and data recovery processes.

Updates to Hyperspace Client

  • Node.js Client: Introduced the Node.js client, expanding language support and enabling a broader range of application development.

  • Conditional Updates: Added support for conditional updates, providing greater flexibility and control over data modifications.

  • Conditional and Partial Update: Enhanced the Node.js client with support for conditional and partial updates, ensuring reliable and precise data handling.

March 2024

New Features and Enhancements

  • Inline Configuration and Score Function: Enabled sending inline configuration and score functions from the API as a string directly from the client.

  • KNN Between Different Vector Fields: Enhanced the KNN functionality to support calculation between different vector fields.

Performance Improvements

  • Data Nodes Performance: Improved the speed of distributed search by optimizing the multi node performance.

System Stability

  • Auto Recovery Mechanism: Released automated recovery mechanism, aiming to enhance system robustness and data recovery capabilities.

February 2024

New Features and

  • Term Matching on Non-String Fields: Support for term matching on non-keyword fields, including struct type lists.

  • Query Throughput: Support for a query throughput of 500 Q/S while maintaining low latency.

  • SW Debug Info: Support for debug information for better software troubleshooting and diagnostics.


  • Performance Tuning: Continued improvements to query latency and throughput for optimal performance.

  • Document Updates: Enhanced support for document updates, streamlining the update process.

January 2024

New Features and Enhancements

  • Performance Tuning: Improved query latency and throughput for better performance.

  • Aggregation Support: Added support for term aggregations in DSL query syntax.

  • Nested Objects Parsing: Enhanced the real-time compiler to support nested objects in DSL queries.

  • Distance and KNN Filter: Introduced distance and KNN filter functionalities in hybrid search, allowing the construction of complex logic and filtering by vector search score..

Bug Fixes

  • Error Handling: General bug fixes and improved stability

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