The functionadd_batch(batch, collection_name) uploads a batch of documents to a collection.


  • batch – Represents the batch of documents to upload. The structure of each document must conform to the database schema configuration file. It must be of type list [dictionary].

  • collection_name – Specifies the name of the Collection into which to load the document.

Example 1 -

The following code snippet builds a list of documents in a temporary variable named batch and then uploads each batch using –

hyperspace_client.add_batch(batch, collection_name)


{'code': 200, 'message': 'Batch successfully added', 'status': 'OK'}

Example 2 -

The following example uploads batches of 250 documents for. Documents are added to the batch, and once a batch reaches 250 documents, it's uploaded to the Hyperspace Collection.

Copy the following code snippet

batch = []
collection_name = "new_collection"
for i, document in enumerate(documents):
   batch.append(document )
   if (i+1) % BATCH_SIZE == 0:
      response = hyperspace_client.add_batch(batch, collection_name)
if batch:
  response = hyperspace_client.add_batch(batch, collection_name)


  • document – Represents the document to upload. The structure of each document must be according to the database schema configuration file. Must be of type dictionary.

  • BATCH_SIZE – Specifies the number of documents in a batch.

  • commit - is required for vector search only. commit should only be performed after the data upload is complete.

In this method, each document will be assigned with an automatic identifier.

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