Features and Benefits

Unparalleled Latency

Hyperspace offers x100–x10 lower latency compared to industry benchmarks, allowing more complex logic in lower-latency frames.

Advanced Search Possibilities

Hyperspace can create a clear distinction between candidate generation and scoring. This, coupled with the engine's exceptionally low latency, creates the potential for employing complex search techniques that are otherwise impractical.


Hyperspace provides virtually unlimited scalability by leveraging Hyperspace's Search Processing Unit (SPU) based on FPGA hardware. Hyperspace's dedicated SPU chip enables efficient handling of large amounts of data and I/O operations that go directly to hardware (without traversing through the software layer) to enable exceptional performance at any scale.

Seamless Data Update

Hyperspace stands out from other solutions in its ability to easily enable the immediate modification of Collections as needed without complex procedures or requiring assistance.


Hyperspace offers high availability, ensuring continuous access to data with minimal downtime.

Fully Managed Cloud Service

Hyperspace delivers a fully managed service in the cloud, removing the need for user maintenance. Hyperspace's technology, through hardware-based implementation and careful design, creates a reliable environment for managing large datasets and complex searches without requiring manual intervention or maintenance.

Simplicity and Ease of Use

Hyperspace allows native Python syntax, facilitating a seamless transition and natural migration of existing codebases.

Cloud Operations

Hyperspace is designed to provide simple and efficient I/O operations in the cloud, such as read, update, copy and delete.

Cost Efficiency

Leveraging Hyperspace significantly reduces machine time requirements and associated costs.


In the event of system crashes, Hyperspace can be configured to provide immediate backups from the last operation, providing robust support for data integrity.

Professional Support Team

While Hyperspace is designed to enable you to operate independently, our top-notch professional support team is always available to assist you with anything.

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